Voter Information

A Note from Heather:

I would love to help people in our district gain access to and participate more in our state government. I value all of your voices, and I sincerely want to help anybody who has something to say make their voice heard. In that spirit, I have provided some information and quick links about voting and voter registration. Though this information is already online, I want to ensure that all of it is easily accessible to the voters in my district. The best way to get involved and have a say in the democratic process is to be an active participant and vote. I hope that you find these resources helpful, and I want all of you to know that I will always advocate for a culture of democracy, community, inclusion, and participation as your state representative in District 4.


Heather Tow-Yick


When is the primary election?

  • This election will be held on September 9, 2014, and it is a Democratic primary, meaning that all of the candidates are running as members of the Democratic Party. The general election, which includes the winner of the Democratic primary as well as candidates from other parties, is held after the Democratic primary, on November 4, 2014.

 Who can vote in the primary?

  • Even though all of the candidates in the Democratic primary are members of the Democratic Party, voters do not have to be registered Democrats in order to participate. Registered independent and unaffiliated voters are not only allowed but encouraged to participate in the primary vote on September 9th.

How do I get registered to vote?

  • If you wish to vote in the Democratic primary but have not yet registered to vote, you can access voter registration forms in either English or Spanish at the RI Board of Elections Voter Registration Page. The deadline to register if you wish to vote in the primary is August 10, 2014. To complete voter registration, print out a form from the provided link, complete it, sign it, and send it in to your local Board of Canvassers: 

City Hall

25 Dorrance Street

Providence, RI 02903

Kathy Placencia, Administrator

(, phone: 401-421-0495, fax: 401-421-4397)

I'd love to vote, but I'll be out of town on September 9th. What do I do? 

  • If you need to register for an absentee ballot and vote by mail, the deadline is Tuesday, August 19th, 2014. All of the rules can  be found here, and information on applying can be found here. In special circumstances, you can apply for an emergency mail ballot.

Where can I find more helpful information about voting? 

If you are already registered to vote and want to brush up, or if you just want to learn some general information such as who all of your current elected officials are and where you would go to vote, the Secretary of State website has a very helpful Voter Information Page to look up either personal or general voter information. This site will tell you, among other things, whether or not you are affiliated to vote, when you are eligible to vote, where your polling place is, and who all of your current elected officials are. It is a great and easy tool for any voter or Rhode Island citizen who needs information about voting.