Heather Tow-Yick Takes 18K Steps a Day (Give or Take)

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SELF is highlighting the top 2014 political candidates out there that are pushing their mental and physical limits as September approaches.  Read about candidates finding release in hitting the pavement, punching bag, and the campaign trail.

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Heather Yow-Yick knows every step of her neighborhood. Not only does she live in the home she was raised in, but the Rhode Island House of Representatives candidate has spent the better part of 2014 walking the streets of her hometown of Providence, about 18,000 steps a day according to her Jawbone, knocking on doors and shaking hands. The Teach for America executive explains what else keeps her moving and how George Michael plays a crucial role in her big finish.

What's your workout routine?
I work out twice a week with a personal trainer, and I take long walks (45 to 60 minutes) with my husband, Bill, and our dog, Sawyer, three times per week. Before the campaign, I was working out at the gym on the elliptical twice a week, but now that's replaced with at least four days of walking several hours to canvas and knock on doors to meet constituents. My Jawbone tells me I am taking close to 18,000 steps these days!

Early bird or night owl workouts?
Definitely morning, because it gets you going for the day and also makes you feel like you've accomplished something already!

What's your your fitness personality?
As a former college athlete and All American sailor, I don't have the same amount of time to work out anymore! But goal-setting is very helpful for me to be able to feel like I am making progress. And I love to try new things; my trainer, Caleb Landry, helps to mix things up while giving me the basics to do on my own.

When I'm just not motivated and don't want to work out, I tell myself:
You'll feel a lot better when you are done.

What's the one song that helps you finish strong?
Currently I really like "Wake Me Up" by Avicii, but historically, I always love to listen to"Freedom" by George Michael to get me through the final push of any workout.

When I work out, I think about  _________________.
All the things I have to get done in the week, and prioritize what I need to do that day. The legislature in Rhode Island is part-time and campaiging is also part-time. I work full-time as the Executive Director of Teach For America – Rhode Island, and I often think about how to improve our work with partners and supporters, and what my team needs to be successful. Oh, and I think about campaign strategy!

What's the key to staying in top physical and mental shape for the campaign?
Having family and friends around you to support your health goals is critical. I also believe that making the time and scheduling workouts is helpful to being a complete, well-rounded person.

I can't live without my:
Saucony sneakers for cardio, Altra sneakers for training and weights, North Face running shoes (preferably pink) for walking/campaigning, my Jawbone, my iPod shuffle, my Teach For America water bottle for hydration, and anything Patagonia.


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